Anyone can play to qualify by signing up to play Mission 01: Cyberbot in Brooklyn between April 1 and April 30, 2021. Sign Up here!

When signing up, please choose the free Pro League Open Add-On so that we know you are interested in competing

You must field a Team of EXACTLY 4 players aged 13+ and Beat The Bomb to log a Qualifying Score

Current Pro League Players (those who have previously “Beat The Bomb”) will receive a special invitation to play for 50% Off

Teams can play as many times as they want. Each game will require the Team to purchase new tickets. Only a Team’s best score will be logged

The Top 8 scoring Teams on our dedicated Pro League Leaderboard will qualify for the competition taking place on May 6th

Final matches will be conducted as real-time Battle Mode games pitting teams head to head in our 2 Game Pods

Teams must follow all official tournament rules to be communicated and monitored by onsite referees (no cheating!)